Photo montage of GC, Part One

Most deputies returning from General Convention are commenting on the post-GC crash that comes from being with such a remarkable group of people, the long and intense days of legislative committees, hearings and meetings in our respective houses. It is all worth it, however, because General Convention is more than just meetings: it is seeing friends, meeting people from all over, talking with people who hold views different from one’s own and still breaking bread together. Moments of grace pop through: the presiding bishop signing, ‘Alleluia,’ in the final hymn of convention, the moment of stunned silence of recognition that the House of Deputies voted unanimously on the resolution (C095) to restructure the church before jumping up collectively and start singing. Those moments and so many more also make up GC.

For the time being, this happy but tired deputy resorts to more photographs.

Winnie Vargese (NY) leads us through a vote: ‘The vote will open… the vote is open… the vote will close… the vote is closed.’ She did so with wit and patience.

Some of us went to the Fourth of July baseball game (in over 100-degree heat) and were delighted to see a welcome to bishops and deputies on the scoreboard.

President of the House of Deputies asked the Secretary a question. He replied, ‘I wasn’t listening,’ which provoked a moment of laughter on the part of everyone… including the president… nothing like having your image projected on a jumbo screen.

Anne waiting to be recognised by the president: when a person steps on the platform, a lightbulb goes on and a signal is sent to the president’s table so she knows in what order someone stepped onto a platform. When addressing the house, the protocol is: “Madame President, Deputy NN, Diocese of Vermont…” And the query often from the president is: “For what purpose does the deputy at microphone 1-8 rise?” [There are eight microphones in the hall.]

Reid and Tom at work… seen from the second row. Each deputation sits on two rows, four and four. Our deputation was in the last row of the first block of rows and right by microphone 1 which was convenient.

Lee, a deputy from Los Angeles and Bishop MartĂ­n Barahona from El Salvador meet outside the House of Deputies during a short break.

The first four days were unrelentingly hot… 107 degrees in the sun at 10.46 in the morning. The night of 5 July it was still 95 at 8.45PM. The convention center is connected to the major hotels by skywalks but parts of them are not airconditioned so they were fairly toasty as well.

A bit blurry, but Scott during a momentary pause in business in the House of Deputies.

One of Secretary Straub’s jackets; this one is fairly mild.

When the chair cannot discern a vote, she will call for the deputies to raise their green or red cards. I think this was a procedural vote.

The legislative committee on Liturgy and Music held an open hearing on Saturday night, 6 July. Our bishop was a member of that committee. While the hearing took place in a large ballroom, the space was hardly filled, a sign of how much convention has discussed blessings over the years and how fewer people show up with each passing convention.

Hardly exciting, but the view from the back of the ballroom at the Sunday Holy Eucharist. Lots and lots of Episcopalians!!!

Sunday afternoon Angie and I swapped places and she became a deputy and I an alternate. Both have to go be certified, the badges are changed (each deputy and alternate has both deputy and alternate badges on file). Then when the deputy wants to go back on the floor, the two have to repeat the process (and they have to go together as a pair). One collects lots of pins at General Convention, too. The upper left pin is from a diocese in Brazil!

No, we are not talking about the parousia, the second coming. Alternates receive the same papers are deputies. In this case, the volunteers had not yet gotten all the papers ready for distribution.

Alternates sit to the right-hand side of the House of Deputies. Looking straight ahead, one can make out the Vermont deputation.

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  1. Bob Wertz says:

    Thanks for your posts. Gives us a taste of GC. Thanks for all your hard work.

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