House of Deputies concurs with the House of Bishops

Early this evening after considerable procedural manoeuvering, the House of Deputies concurred with the House of Bishops on Resolution A049: Authorize Liturgical Materials for Blessing Same-Gender Relationships. The journey has been long and shall continue to be long, but thirty-five years of working on this proposal has resulted in something tangible.

[The HOB changed ‘gender’ to ‘sex’ but I am referring to the resolution by its title which does not change.]

The House also unanimously approved a resolution on structure (C095) that calls for a revisioning of how we live our life as a church and how we govern ourselves. Tom Little of our deputation was an instrumental player in getting that resolution created and formulating it such that it could receive this unanimous approval.

And, finally, the House approved a substitute for B005 on the Anglican Covenant in which The Episcopal Church has decided for pastoral reasons not to take a position on it at this time. (When I get back to Vermont, I will develop this thought since I was a member of the legislative committee that developed this resolution.)

A momentous day. No wonder we are all tired!


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One Response to House of Deputies concurs with the House of Bishops

  1. Lisa Fox says:

    I agree. It was a most exciting and grueling day in the House of Deputies. Just one correction: The House of Bishops changed all the language from “same-gender” to “same-sex.” Not sure why, but there we have it.

    I was delighted by the actions of the House of Deputies today!

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