And it was morning and evening, a first day

A bunch of photographs to give you a sense of the day (cross-posted with my own Facebook page).

World Mission Legislative Committee hearing room. We are a loooong way away from one another

Bishop Martín Barahona of El Salvador testifies at the Program, Budget and Finance hearing on the Five Marks of Mission.

Secretary of the House of Deputies, the Rev’d Dr Gregory Straub did not fail us in his sartorial choice, a jacket reminscent of a 16th-century Flemish painting or a derby flag.

President of the House of Deputies, Bonnie Anderson, gives her opening reflection.

Flags of the countries that belong to The Episcopal Church.

Tom Little and Anne Brown, co-chairs of the Vermont deputation, give finishing touches to the decorations on our standard.

Some of the Vermont deputation during an orientation discussion.

The view from the back of the House from the gallery (it is a long way to the water fountain).

Voting Secretary the Rev’d Winnie Vargese, leads us through a training on how to use the electronic clickers.

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