Four days, who is counting?

How we decorated our ‘standard’ in 2009. A Vermont deputy, who shall remain anonymous, in a great sacrificial act, ate two pints of Ben and Jerry’s so we could have some decoration up top.

Three days? Four days? Who is counting? More and more people are writing on Facebook how they are packing to get ready for General Convention. Some deputies and bishops have already arrived in Indy. Others will be leaving in the next day. It is hard to believe that General Convention is just around the corner! Soon we shall be gathered in our triennial big get-together. I am so excited, as always, to see friends from near and far, worship in huge congregations and do the hard work that is set before us.

Most of the Vermonters going to GC will get to Indy on Tuesday. The weather report sounds grim (to this Vermonter): in the mid to high 90s all the way through to next Monday when the temperature will drop to the high 80s. Indy mostly was spared the devastating thunderstorms that hit the eastern seaboard, Ohio and Indiana yesterday. It does not much matter what the weather is doing because we can walk from our hotel to the convention center via sky walks. I suspect we can spend the entire ten days without ever needing to go outdoors if we wanted.

I have always found it amusing that the closer we get to General Convention, the more people want us to read such and such book or article. How I wish I had had such and such book or article back in March or even April when it was mud season and I could justify reading. At this point, while such and such book or article sounds very interesting, it is just one more thing to try to cram onto an already-overflowing plate.

Eventually there will be more voices on this blog; we are still figuring out access, permissions and posting. Stay tuned! Lee

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