Pre-General Convention meeting

The bishop, deputies, representative to the Episcopal Women’s Triennial and representative from Episcopal Divinity School met this evening at Saint Thomas-Grace, Forest Dale. The group had a lively conversation about major topoi: the Committee on the State of the Church report, the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music resolution on blessings of same-gender couples (A049), the Anglican Covenant (A126), the Denominational Health Plan (a response to GC 2009-A177), the dissolution of an episcopal relationship (A065), ministry formation, structure issues, the budget and mission and evangelism. Alternates and deputies not assigned to a legislative committee now know which committees they will track during General Convention. It is the custom of the Vermont contingent to meet once a day to check on what has happened, what resolutions might show up on the floor the next day, find out what the other house has been up to (we all meet, bishop and deputies and spice and friends). We are en route!!!

Vermonters discuss the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music report. Anne Brown, Jennifer Ogelby, Stan Baker, (hidden, Reid Farrell), Steve Smith and (Bishop) Tom Ely.

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